Видео: X3 Terran Conflict E03 - Automated Exploration, Two Free Ships!

X3: Litcube's Universe E02 - Exploring, Auto Trading!

Time to use our profits from repairing to buy a few traders and get started gaining reputation, unlocking more ships for us to ...

Let's Learn!: X3 Albion Prelude: Setting up a Commercial Agent (CAG)

This Let's Learn explains how to set up a trade ship to act as a commodity agent for your space stations. This will automate the ...

s3e19 X³ Terran Conflict: Capturing Pirates, four ship combo. [DiD]

Leave a comment and subscribe if you want a ship named after you. Assets: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . kills Zemalf's Zephyrus (TM) .

X3 Mayhem #2 Exploration (Tutorial)

Everything related to early game exploration. This episode and the following one both cover gameplay until i settle down. ...

Czech Let's Play X3:TC (4. díl) | MirčekLP

Máme tu nové video a s ním i další porci X3! Dnes se vrhneme na pokračování našeho úkolu - sledování Xenonů. Přeji příjemnou ...

X3: Terran Conflict Guide Part 10: Sector Traders

Free money, that's what sector traders are! You make an initial investment to buy a good transport ship, some system extensions ...

s3e39 X³ Terran Conflict: Asteroid and Ship Scanning for Profits. [DiD]

Leave a comment if you want a ship named after you. ------------------------------------------------- Let's Play X³ Terran ...

X3 Terran Conflict E02 - Missions and Remote Trading

Time to head towards our first automatic sector trader, with a few missions for reputation, and our first little cargo ship!

MK3 Trading Software Tutorial [X3:TC]

This is a tutorial that shows how to use the MK3 Trading Software. This involves setting up a sector trader or universe trader and ...

How to install or add gear to ships in X3 Terran Conflicts

this is for u guys on how to install gear onto ships.

X3 Terran Conflict E04 - First Space Station and CAG setup

Time to get our first space station up and running!

X3AP SWLU: Guide to Mobile Mining - Easy Automated Income

Guide to mining and getting your automated income rolling, early-game and beyond. Sorry if the dockware manager stuff is hard ...

X3 Terran Conflict: Reunion

In advance, I apologize for the language. This is an educational documentary of what happens when opposing forces unite in ...

[X3TC 1.0.1] 2+ billion in a single mission.

After hitting 2.147.483.648 credit mark the integer sign flipped and the reward became negative. Check this post for some ...

How to get a ship in X3 Tarren Conflicts

this is me showing u guys how to use script editor and how to get a ship.

X3TC - Part 4: Starting the Hub plot

Starting one of the main plots in the game and gathering resources for it Foolish Gamers discord: https://discord.gg/QRZBPQA.

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