Видео: Ikea stam can opener

How to use the Ikea STÄM can opener

By the visits and comments on my previous video, I realized that not just me, but many people didn't have any idea on how to use ...

Ikea stam can opener

Very very cheap (1 dollar) Easy to use but not safe edge.

How to use IKEA can opener

Many people struck with IKEA's can opener, because of it's untraditional construction and there aren't any instructions with it.

Ikea Can't Opener

How to operate the Ikea can-opener.

Ikea stam can opener result

Cannot re-attach the lid.

How to use an IKEA can opener? Let's check!

For future millionaires: https://www.freshimpulsion.com/ Need a can opener, not sure how it works and how to use it? We tried one ...

IKEA Stam Kitchen Utensils

This IKEA Stam Kitchen Utensils are very well designed. It costs ₹60 - ₹120 around $1 - $2. Bought IKEA Stam Kitchen Utensils ...

How to use a can opener? | Konserve açacağı nasıl kullanılır?

You will see this video how to use a can opener. Good watch;)



Charles Vs IKEA can opener

you won this round...

How To Use a Can Opener That Doesn't Leave Sharp Edges

This is a video of how to use a can opener that's a safe can opener, which will not leave sharp edges. You can also reuse the lid to ...

Нож консервный Стэм

Консервный нож IKEA Стэм 202.332.49.

Опубликовано: 24 Фев 2019

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