Видео: Hero Siege: Shield Lancer WH 200 Rank 1

Hero Siege: Shield Lancer WH 200 S8 Day 7 Rank 1

Don't buy rubies with real money !

Hero Siege: Shield Lancer WH 650 Rank 1 No Crit !

So i'm a liar ? My Shield Lancer is abusing crit ? Lancer doesn't need crit but this is absolutly not fun to play, see the time i need to ...

Hero Siege: Shield Lancer WH 1000 Rank 1 Challenge 4 Items

4 attempts to succeed, i took moonshard to have enough mana. Luck was with me to kill the boss.

Hero Siege: Why players don't understand how to play lancer ?

I show you in this video how works lancer and how to build him.

Hero Siege Season 8 ''Shield Lancer 52 lvl'' #1

Miłego oglądania :) Nice Watching Link do muzyki: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BSAWWSiebs.

Hero Siege: Ranged Merc Op !

Not worth to use but it's funny.

[Hero Siege] Season 8 Melee Demonslayer Guide

This guide covers the skills and gear needed to play the melee Demonslayer with his set items and without his set items.

Hero Siege: Shield Lancer Wh 30 S8 Day 1 Rank 1

I don't have a lot of time to play this season, but that was a good start.

[Hero Siege] Tutorial Guide Part 2 - Getting Started

This video provides the basics of getting started, joining/making a guild and doing the beginning quests. Thanks for watching and ...

Hero Siege - Shield Lancer 9 СЕЗОН

Спасибо за подписку на канал. ДОНАТ (Donat) - https://www.donationalerts.com/r/kirakilork СТАТЬ СПОНСОРОМ КАНАЛА ...


herosiege LINK DA BUILD https://hsbuilds.com/builds/13-attack-marksman/equipment SEJA MEMBRO ...

Is Legend Says True? (Hero Siege Satanic Farming)

Hope you guys enjoyed the video!!, Sorry it took forever to get warmed up for some satanics. Don't Forget to Like, Comment, and ...

Hero Siege: Plague Doctor WH 145 Rank 9

Like DS, it's easy, but don't have the time to push higher.

[Hero Siege] Season 8 Plague Doctor Set Guide

This video covers everything you need to know about the Plague Doctor's set and abilities. Also cover a few important key things ...

[Hero Siege] Ability Tokens & What They Do

This video provides every ability that can be rolled currently in the game via Ability Tokens. SPECTRAL SHOTS NOW WORKS ...

Hero Siege Season 8 Mining / Starting Guide

Quick guide by a depressed monotone australian man about the ins and outs of mining and what to do when you just hit inferno in ...

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